JORGE Fireworks

Leading producer

and importer of fireworks



Jorge Fireworks is the largest Polish importer and producer of fireworks. We sell our products to majority of European countries. Excellent product and customer satisfaction have been our priorities from the very beginning of our activity.


Jorge office in Czerwieńsk

Our offer includes consumer fireworks, such as: batteries, bangers, rockets, fountains and assortment sets. Our products are characterized by the best effect quality and a variety of label designs. High quality is our main goal with regard to consumer as well as professional items. Among professional items we offer: spherical and cylinder shells, professional use batteries, single shots or roman candles. Our range includes a wide variety of Chinese fireworks produced in the best Chinese factories. Moreover, Jorge offers also stage fireworks and a selection of European origin fireworks from Italy and Spain.


Different consumer and professional products

In 2009, as the first company in Poland, we implemented regulations regarding CE and Jorge products were CE marked. At the moment majority of our fireworks, both consumer and professional, hold CE mark. CE certification enables us to sell fireworks to all European countries, and Jorge products are associated with high quality and security. In the field of testing products we cooperate with the most renowned European institutes, such as: LOM (Spain), BAM (Germany), INERIS (France), Konstrukta (Slovakia), IMP and WITU (Poland).


Moder logistic base

Jorge is the owner of the considerable logistic and transportation base, owing to which we are able to meet requirements of the most demanding customers. We own heavy load trucks adjusted to ADR regulations, which can deliver fireworks loads to every European country. We guarantee best service and possibly the shortest order realization terms. We possess modern warehouses and bonded warehouse adjusted to storage of all types of consumer and professional fireworks.

Many available products


Due to the wide range of fireworks we are able to realize every possible order. Our customers are wholesalers, retail shops, companies performing professional firework shows in Poland as well as in other European countries. We deliver also to chain shops, such as: Tesco, Jeronimo Martins, Intermarche, Bricomarche, Netto, Aldi and others. Depending on the customer’s needs, Jorge executes deliveries directly from China or from warehouses and bonded warehouse in Poland. As a Europe-wide company we exploit also logistic warehouses in Europe.

Trucks fleet with ADR

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