JORGE Fireworks

Leading producer

and importer of fireworks


The biggest producer of fireworks in Europe

Jorge Fireworks is one of the leading producers and importers of consumer as well as professional fireworks in Europe. We deliver our products to many EU and non-EU countries, such as: Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Italy and many others.


In 2006, in Serbia we established company “Meteor”, which became the leading importer of fireworks in this country in the first year of its existence. In 2013 we also established Jorge Pirotehnika in Croatia.


Each year we take part in the Nurnberg Toy Fair, which is one of the largest events of such type in Europe. Owing to our experience and continuous contact with our customers from whole Europe we are able to offer the highest quality products, excellent service as well as quick deliveries.

Jorge at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg

Jorge Fireworks at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg 2014.