JORGE Fireworks

JORGE Fireworks

Leading producer

and importer of fireworks

Indoor, stage fireworks

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Welcome to JORGE !
Jorge Fireworks is a leading supplier - producer and importer of fireworks in Europe.
Our offer includes:
  • CE marked consumer and professional fireworks;
  • stage fireworks: indoor and outdoor;
  • logistic base: standard and bonded warehouses;
  • ADR transport.
Jorge offers high quality products, excellent service, express deliveries and reasonable prices.
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Jorge Fireworks, being an exclusive Polish producer and importer of fireworks, is in possession of a modern research laboratory...


Jorge Fireworks is one of the leading producers and importers of consumer as well as professional fireworks in Europe...


Jorge was the first Polish company which acquired CE mark for its products. We poses Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008...